Coiffure + Meditation

This place understands that your inner beauty dictates how powerful your outer beauty really is.

There is a little oasis of pleasure and knowledge in the popular Plateau Mont Royal in Montreal and in the beautiful Quebec City. This place grabbed my attention with their genius ideas. This salon provides a single place to encounter both, your inner and outer beauty; all with a natural approach.

First of all, the décor you find here mixes elements of simplicity, beauty and peace; it is very zen. The service is very friendly and they really make an effort to cater to your individual needs. It is one of only two place I’ve found you can get a natural veggie-based hair dye. Since they don’t use the regular chemicals you find anywhere else, the process is quite lengthy and this is where their second genius idea kicks in. They allow their customers to enter into a separate meditation room while they’re waiting. In that room, you can find different guided meditations that you can play at your will.

The name of this establishment is: Jardin d’Art et de Coiffure

In the Jardin d’Art et de Coiffure  you can also find meditation programs and conference about holistic health.

Check it out yourself!

An alternative place where I know they use natural products, although some of their dyes may use conventional ingredients, is the Centre de Santé du Chéveu, where the focus is more to the integral health of the scalp and the hair. They treat men and women and I have seen good results in women that treat to prevent or to counter the effects of the feminine alopecia (a.k.a. hair loss). The more significant discovery I made there is the devastating effects of the residues that accumulate in the scalp due to hairspray, styling creams, shampoos etc. and the huge difference you notice once you treat yourself with a true cleaning of the residues on the scalp. Honestly it feels like a detox.

This center is North of Montreal, just south of highway 640.

Check out their alternatives and treatments:



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