First Sand Mandala trial with regular people in Montreal

KaizenTree, as a pioneer in popularizing the art of the sand mandala, will launch the first Sand Mandala trial with people from all walks of life. The call will be put out through newspaper and online ads. Those interested will get to experience and try their hands at actually doing a sand mandala for a period of time, the way Tibetan Monks do – in a simpler version. The participants will then be asked to share with us their thoughts while they were completing the mandala and their emotions.

For those who don’t know what a sand mandala is, you can refer to the video below:

In simple words, Mandala means “world in Harmony”. It consist in making art by pouring colored sand into a drawing, generally made of concentric geometric forms. It is believed that doing this kind of art would create healing and harmony at the personal level and positively affect the environment that surrounds the practitioner.

Actually, KaizenTree has created the first Sand Mandala kit ready to be done at home, you can find more at (Kaizentee Etsy store)

In preparation for the Annual Spiritual & Metaphysical Show of Montreal, Canada July 29, 2017, KaizenTree will be conducting this experiment.

If you want to participate or want your question to be included in the survey to the participants, please leave us a comment. All your comments will be answered.

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