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If you are looking for one of the following:

  • A unique meditation practice in Montreal
  • Interesting Workshops in Montreal
  • Culturally rich Montreal activities
  • Or remarkable things to do in Montreal

Then you’ve landed on the right page!
(Especially if you’re curious about the benefits of mindfulness meditation)

We all know about the benefits of practicing mindfulness meditation, right?

It reduces stress.
It improves focus.
It strengthens patience.
And so much more…

These are benefits that carry with them so much value – especially in today’s world, where we are constantly stressing about things and clinging to material possessions.


It is very hard, when you first start, to just sit down and try to clear your mind. “Don’t think about anything”, “acknowledge the thought and let it pass” – practitioners say. But that’s just not fair. That’s why we are passionate about Sand Mandala Art (SMArt) Meditation.

This is what’s completely new about this experience:

By using the same tools Tibetan Monks use in their Buddhist sand mandala rituals, SMArt Meditation draws you in almost immediately. Without any effort, you will experience, in a matter of minutes, the following:

  • A clear mind
  • Increased levels of concentration and focus
  • Decreased levels of stress

By the end, you will want to take your sand mandala with you. But, as you will learn, an important part of the process is to let go of it. This is an extremely important lesson in Sand Mandala Art (SMArt) meditation – EVERYTHING IS TEMPORARY. This lesson alone will drastically change the way you view the world – for the better!

About the Workshop

Duration: 90 minutes
Cost: $40 CAD

This is a one-of-a-kind workshop in Montreal – a city where meditation is taken really seriously. So, if you are seeking new experiences and interesting things to do in Montreal (while maintaining a curiosity for unique, never-before-tried, mindfulness meditation techniques), you’ve landed on the right page!

Here’s what you will do in the workshop:

  • You will be given the tools that the Tibetan Monks use when creating a sand mandala
  • You will be given a brief history about the art and meaning of the sand mandala
  • You will be shown how to use the Chakpur to carefully pour the coloured sand onto the mandala design
  • You will create your very own sand mandala with these tools
  • You will finish the workshop by sweeping the coloured sand away

This workshop will take you through an incredible range of emotions (all in approximately 90 minutes) – from complete relaxation to alertness and, by then end, to a complete sense of freedom and lightness.

Here are some pictures of people that have been to the workshop:

To register for a workshop, simply send us an email – we are currently coming up with the schedule for November and December. The workshops fill-up fast, so an email will reserve your place in one of our upcoming sessions. Once we have decided on the schedule, we will send you the list of classes available and you can take your pick then.

Contact us through our contact form – click HERE!

Hope to see you soon!