New Moon Abundance Cheque

Attract and co-create abundance and prosperity in your life

The abundance check (or cheque) is a tool to attract what you want in your life. Successful people like Jim Carrey did it and it worked!

The idea here is to use a simple but powerful ritual to train your brain to focus on what you want, using the Universal Law of Attraction, increasing your faith and confidence to ask the Universe what you want, trusting the infinite wisdom that you’d get what you focus on.

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New Moon Abundance Cheque Ritual

  1. Within 24 hours after the New Moon Write a cheque to yourself asking for what you want
  2. Pay To: write your name
  3. Date write any time, now, or a specific date in the future, for example 10 years from now
  4. In the box where you’d write the Dollar amount write: ‘Paid in Full’
  5. In the line underneath your name where you write in letters the  Dollar amount write: ‘Paid in Full” or Try writing specifically something you want. A specific amount of money, love, a trip to a destination of your choice
  6. Sign the cheque (check) as “Universal Law of Abundance”
  7. Underneath the signature express your gratitude by writing three times ‘Thank You’
  8. To add some energy in your subconscious read the cheque and visualize in front of a mirror receiving what you asked for
  9. In the memo line write the topic of what you asked for. For example: Love, Health, Monetary prosperity
  10. Leave the cheque in a box in a safe place and forget about it
  11. Do it monthly at each New Moon phase
  12. You will receive, let go of the preconceived ideas of limitations and welcome what you already have. You will receive!

Click here to Get your abundance cheque book

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Why it works

This ritual takes advantage of the energy created by the moon cycle specifically the New Moon Phase. Hence, it has become to be known as the New Moon Ritual, or New Moon Abundance  Cheque. Surprisingly you don’t even have to believe that it will work, or believe that the cheque per se will bring you the prosperity and abundance you are asking for. However you will be amazed of the results! Just give it a try and wait, continue your life as usual. Write to us if indeed you have perceived results.

Remember abundance and prosperity are much more than money. It can be manifested as love, friends that comes to your family, health, doing a trip you want and more.

The Universal law of Abundance is explained in Psychology Today as: “When we move through the world with a mentality of abundance, we get a tsunami wave of every intention fulfilled, every desire met, every need completed” (

The Universe is immense and we are part of the fabric of matter and energy that flows through it. There are enough resources for each of us to achieve our purposes within a frame of prosperity and happiness.

The most important thing it is to be mindful in order to perceive what you have be thankful for it and welcome what comes to your life.