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So – you’ve decided that the benefits of mindfulness meditation are too great to pass them by. But you want to experience mindfulness meditation in a new, exciting way that can get you moving towards those benefits faster than the old “sit down and try to think of nothing” approach.

Well, we’re very excited that you’re looking into Sand Mandala Art (SMArt) Meditation!

Here’s a little video of our SMArt Meditation Set to get you started:

And, in case you didn’t see it on our home page, here’s a video of one of our users in action:

This Sand Mandala Art (SMArt) set allows users to achieve high levels of mindfulness in a very short period of time. It draws its inspiration from Tibetan Buddhist Monks.

We’ve all seen those mandala colouring books, right? They have become very popular because they are able to raise your level of concentration and focus without a lot of effort – while at the same time, reducing your levels of stress.

Here’s the thing…

Even though they draw on the same principles, their impact is not as high as doing the mandala with coloured sand. The same levels of concentration and focus that are raised by using the colouring books are exponentially stronger for those using the SMArt set.

And the main difference is:

With the SMArt set, you get one of the most valuable lessons in mindfulness meditation: the ability to let go!

You see, when you complete your sand mandala, part of the process is to sweep the sand away. This is very hard the first few times. But through this process, you become less attached to material things – drastically changing the way you view the world and life itself. That is something that you wouldn’t get as readily with other mindfulness meditation practices.

So, if you are someone who is:

  • Serious about meditation
  • Looking for new and better ways to meditate
  • Curious about other cultural influences on mindfulness meditation

Then this product can really enrich your practice.

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Or if you know someone who is into art and meditation, then the Sand Mandala Art Set would be the perfect gift for them. Get their SMArt set today!

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If you’re not sure about the effects of this mindfulness meditation practice, and live in Montreal (Quebec, Canada) – we invite you to come and experience one of our workshops! Click here to learn more.