The Power of the Mandala

People say that an image is much more powerful than words. I tend to agree. That is why, for this post, we will keep the words to a minimum. Instead, all we want you to do is: sit back, relax, and watch the power of the mandala unfold in this short video. If you don’t feel inspired after watching this – there is very little we can do for you. Continue reading

Namaste, Mother F**ker

Whenever you seek advice in fields as varied as management, entrepreneurship, meditation, fitness, yoga, leadership, or diet, you’ll see the same buzz words: embrace change, balance, mindfulness, think out of the box, let go etc, etc.

After almost every yoga practice you’ll hear “Namaste”, but many of us don’t really stop to think what this really means, and even less, how we can carry that meaning with us once we step off of the yoga mat.

I have now pondered on this for a while, and I’ve come to realize certain things that you might find helpful in everyday life. Let me share these with you. Continue reading


Sand Mandala Meditation in Montreal

The day finally came. We were about to hold the first ever Sand Mandala Meditation workshop in North America. The chosen city: Montreal, Canada – our home.

The idea behind the workshop was to start educating people about this type of meditative practice. We also wanted to see what were people’s reaction to this type of meditation – after all, sand mandala hasn’t been accessible to regular people…until now!

This is how the workshop unfolded Continue reading