Get People to Touch It! This Saturday July 29th

Descriptions of things can only go so far. I can describe the incredibly soft t-shirt I’m currently wearing – but if I’m doing that while standing right in front of you, what do you think you’re going to do? You’re going to reach out and touch it.

The adoption of the sand mandala in North America has not yet taken off as a viable alternative to the meditation practices we already know. And part of the reason is because of accessibility. Very few people have actually seen a sand mandala being worked on. Even less people have the tools necessary to complete one. I can describe the feeling you get when you’re working on one – the intense state of mindfulness you’re able to reach. But these are just descriptions. These descriptions are validated once you touch or experience the thing that is being described.

To go back to my first example – if I’m standing in front of you describing how soft my t-shirt is, you’re going to reach out, touch it, and determine just how soft it is for yourself. We want to do the same with the sand mandala. There have been many posts describing its benefits and how wonderful it is. Now, we want you to reach out and touch it. We want you to experience it for yourself. That is the reason why we’re taking part in this year’s Metaphysical Show of Montreal. They will provide us with a platform that we can use to share this wonderful meditation practice with the public. They will provide a platform where people can come and touch it. You can win a free Sand Mandala Set just by trying it live!


The event will take place in Montreal on the 29th of July. For more information, visit their website

We hope to see you there!!