Coiffure + Meditation

This place understands that your inner beauty dictates how powerful your outer beauty really is.

There is a little oasis of pleasure and knowledge in the popular Plateau Mont Royal in Montreal and in the beautiful Quebec City. This place grabbed my attention with their genius ideas. This salon provides a single place to encounter both, your inner and outer beauty; all with a natural approach. Continue reading


Sand Mandala Meditation in Montreal

The day finally came. We were about to hold the first ever Sand Mandala Meditation workshop in North America. The chosen city: Montreal, Canada – our home.

The idea behind the workshop was to start educating people about this type of meditative practice. We also wanted to see what were people’s reaction to this type of meditation – after all, sand mandala hasn’t been accessible to regular people…until now!

This is how the workshop unfolded Continue reading

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How did I start meditating?

My story is pretty random. This is the background…

I was separated and preparing my divorce when I met my girlfriend. At that point I didn’t have anything but two black garbage bags filled with all my life papers, titles, certifications, some pictures and clothes. But I was totally and passionately in love with her. I wanted to pamper her, wine and dine with her, but I didn’t have Continue reading