Namaste, Mother F**ker

Whenever you seek advice in fields as varied as management, entrepreneurship, meditation, fitness, yoga, leadership, or diet, you’ll see the same buzz words: embrace change, balance, mindfulness, think out of the box, let go etc, etc.

After almost every yoga practice you’ll hear “Namaste”, but many of us don’t really stop to think what this really means, and even less, how we can carry that meaning with us once we step off of the yoga mat.

I have now pondered on this for a while, and I’ve come to realize certain things that you might find helpful in everyday life. Let me share these with you. Continue reading

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3 Best places in Montreal to learn Meditation

In my experience, when you are looking to start meditating, other than the books and Youtube videos, I would strongly suggest you go to a center and take few sessions. Not only would you learn, firsthand, what to do, but you could ask questions and get direct feedback from more experienced people. There are group sessions as well as individual courses. If you live in Montreal, and are interested on improving your meditation practice, then you should check these places out: Continue reading